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Sterling offers all types of testing services; the most popular ones include ground testing and flight testing for STC programs. These tests can be done at Sterling Helicopter or your facility, whichever is easier for you. We also carry out many EMI/RFI tests to ensure newly added equipment does not interfere with any existing aircraft equipment.

Sterling also offers temperature testing and comparisons, structural static testing, ground vibration testing (GVT), and many other types as project needs evolve.

Ground Testing For Any STC Project

Sterling Helicopter provides ground testing for STC (Supplemental Type Certificate) and ATC (Amended Type Certificate) projects on Part 23/25/27/29 aircraft. Some types of this testing could include ground EMI/RFI testing, ground vibration testing (GVT), ground temperature testing, ground functionality testing, and ground structural testing.

Sterling provides test plans to cover these types of tests and many more, as well as supports remote testing off-site for more convenience to aircraft owners and operators. Once testing is complete, we provide a full test report with DER approvals as appropriate.

We can support research and development ground testing, developmental ground testing, company ground testing, or even certification ground testing.

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Flight Testing For Any STC Project

Sterling also provides flight testing services for STC (Supplemental Type Certificate) and ATC (Amended Type Certificate) projects on Part 23/25/27/29 aircraft. This could include flight EMI/RFI testing, flight functionality testing, flight aerodynamic testing, and many other types of flight testing.

We will place the test aircraft into Experimental Category (if needed) on-site and issue the flight testing limitations, as well as provide a full flight test briefing to all test personnel involved. We can provide Research & Development (R&D) flight testing, as well as Show Compliance to the CFRs and many other categories. We provide the Flight Test DER and Flight Analyst DER, as well as Flight Test Engineers (FTEs) as needed.

We can support research and development flight testing, developmental flight testing, company flight testing, or even certification flight testing.

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EMI And RFI Testing

We also offer EMI/RFI testing for any equipment that may interfere with the aircraft systems. This can be performed by either one of our DERs or one of our EMI Certified Technicians.

Sterling would prepare the EMI/RFI test plan and write the required report once testing was complete.

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