STC Project Management

Sterling offers full STC project management from start to finish. This allows one point of contact between the STC project and the FAA for your airplane and helicopter modifications. This drastically reduces the need for rework and greatly improves FAA confidence in the project as well as clearer communication.

Sterling STC certification experts will handle the PSCP, all substantiation data, drawings, reports, issue papers, flight manual supplements, testing, and conformity to include Request for Conformity (RFC), and certification testing to include Type Inspection Authorization (TIA), if needed. Sterling also offers DAR and DER services of all types for STC certification. This is typically included in any STC project estimate.

Sterling’s STC projects are managed in close alignment with traditional project management approaches, providing phase updates and schedules to allow for planning and sales projections.

Amended STC Support

Sterling’s STC certification team can support STC amendments or major/minor changes to help keep all STC paperwork clean, concise, and up to date.

Whether you have an old STC that needs refreshing to include some missing data or better drawings, or a new STC that is constantly evolving and changing, therefore requiring updates, we can help. In many cases, this can be a much faster process for finishing airplane and helicopter modifications as long as it is managed efficiently.

EASA Validations

Sterling works with the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) on STC validations of all kinds. We manage many clients EASA Portal accounts for them, so they don’t have to. This allows for ease of foreign validations through EASAs portal system.

Other CAA Validations

Sterling’s airplane and helicopter upgrade validation experts work with foreign authorities or other civil aviation authorities (CAA) all over the world.

The FAA holds many bilateral agreements with countries allowing clear approval methods and processes.  Some more popular CAAs would be ANAC (National Civil Aviation Agency – Brazil) and Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA), but there are many others.

If you have a need to have your STC validated through a foreign authority, please reach out to us and get a quote.  We would be happy to assist with airplane and helicopter upgrade validation.

Certification Plans

Every project with the FAA requires a detailed Certification Plan or PSCP. PSCP stands for Project Specific Certification Plan.  This is the plan that the FAA would agree to in order to move forward with a project.

It allows for agreement between the applicant and the FAA.  If you have a need for someone to assist in creating a PSCP for you, Sterling can help.  We have proven layouts that align with FAA format.


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