Manufacturing & Prototyping Services

Sterling offers many types of airplane and helicopter manufacturing and prototyping services. Some of these include STC kitting for ease of installation for installers or field installs. We offer sheet metal manufacturing via laser, water jet, CNC, or old-fashioned hand cutting. Sterling offers airplane and helicopter 3D printing services for test and trail fitment for newly designed parts. We have a 3D print surface area of 18” x 18”, with a 24” height, so over 7700 cubic inches.

We offer airplane and helicopter 3D printing using PLA, PETG, ABS, TPU, or a Carbon Fiber Blended plastic. Most options are available in many common colors. Our airplane and helicopter manufacturing capabilities also include traditional and CNC machining, bending, welding, and custom composites including carbon fiber and Kevlar. We offer surface coatings such as powder coating, anodizing, Alodine coating, priming, and painting. We can paint to match your aircraft if paint code is provided.

If requested Sterling can supply an 8130-3 with any PMA’d parts manufactured under our PMA. Our parts or kits are bagged, labeled, and packaged for a clean and presentable delivery to our clients.


We offer options for customers to kit their STCs for ease of selling and shipment. These kits can include only STC parts, or all hardware needed for a full installation.  These can also be packaged with all STC paperwork needed for an installation.

Each kit comes with material certs as appropriate and a certificate of conformance (C of C).  If you have a need for STC kitting, we would be happy to discuss and provide estimates.

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Sterling custom fabricates many sheet metal parts of all types. This can be either aluminum or steel.  Our airplane and helicopter manufacturing team can hand fabricate simple of small quantity runs, or mass fabricate large lot runs using waterjet or laser cutting machines.  Once done, these sheet metal parts can be alodined, and primed for coating protection.

Painting to match aircraft paint codes is also offered for a finished product.

We have a metals shop that can manufacture one-off airplane and helicopter parts as well for prototyping or unique parts that would be difficult or more costly to make using larger machines. This includes parts needed for Major Alterations and Repairs.

There is no limit on material types or sizes, we offer everything available on the market with our airplane and helicopter part manufacturing services, even custom extrusion materials that aren’t readily available on the market.

With a PMA Assist Letter or Licensing Agreement we can manufacture your own Design Data parts to support your STC or PMA. This would be done under Sterling Helicopter’s FAA–PMA facility, PQ10048NE.

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Sterling has full airplane and helicopter custom machining capabilities that can be made available to you. We can use either manual milling machines, lathes, etc., or CNC-operated machines for any task.

Pictured here is a new dashboard for a Part 27 helicopter, all instrument mounting holes marked to make the installation and final drill easy and accurate. We also offer coatings such as Alodine, Anodize, Primer, Paint, or Powder Coat.

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We offer waterjet cutting and laser cutting, depending on the need, speed, and material requirements for airplane and helicopter manufacturing services. This is a great way to manufacture precise coordinate parts or high-volume parts that are sheet or plate shaped. Once these are cut, in some cases they require post-processing to clean up any edges.

Sterling can assist in this if agreed upon at time of order.

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Sterling offers 3D printing of parts and assemblies if needed for test fitting and engineering evaluation. These parts can be made in many color varieties and material densities.

Included here is an image of an axial compressor engine cover.

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Sterling Helicopter – PMA # PQ10048NE

Sterling holds FAA – PMA (PMA # PQ10048NE) and manufactures parts under this PMA. These parts are provided to the installer with an FAA 8130-3 tag of approval. If you have a PMA manufacturing requirement we could assist with, please let us know.

We can manufacture your parts under PMA assist letters or assist you in getting a PMA, we are here to help.

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After your service is completed, your aircraft is ready to be safely operated. Our priority is to keep your downtime to a minimum with timely responses and 24-hour accessibility. Our repairs of Airbus, Sikorsky, Agusta, MD, and Bell helicopters focus on safety and quality.


You want your helicopter in the hands of a company you can trust. Our team is factory trained and certified to deliver you with quality and versatility. Our constant communication and customer support exceeds your expectations and completes the repair quickly.


At Sterling Helicopter, you receive the best service at the most cost-effective prices. You can trust our technicians to work on your Airbus, Bell, Agusta, Sikorsky, and MD aircraft, addressing all issues quickly at a price that meets your budget. Get in touch with us to inquire about your helicopter maintenance needs.

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